COgnitive and Physical Exercise Rehabilitation Trial

After surgery, many patients experience a decrease in physical strength and endurance that may takes weeks to months to recover. We now know that the brain may also require weeks to months to recover after surgery causing difficulty with memory or how fast patients are able to process information. Physical and mental decline after surgery is more common as patients get older and after bigger surgeries and longer hospital stays. Currently, patients participate in rehabilitation after surgery to recover from this decline.

We are interested in helping patients prepare before surgery to prevent this decline and recover more quickly after an operation, a concept known as prehabilitation. In the COgnitive and Physical Exercise (COPE) Rehabilitation Trial, we provide patients with physical and mind exercise therapies to complete at home before a major operation. We are seeing how quickly patients regain their physical and mental function after surgery and are also seeing if this program will affect length of stay in the hospital. Our goal is to find methods to improve patient outcomes after major surgery.