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The 'classic' care of critically ill patients is similar to a 'dementia factory.' It is up to us to close this factory.

Dr. Raúl Alejandro Gómez, Intensivist Physician, Buenos Aires
Ongoing Research

Ongoing Research

This is an exciting and upcoming study designed to understand the link between delirium and dementia after critical illness.
An ancillary study of inflammation levels in the blood of critically ill patients.
An ancillary study to determine how oxygen levels during mechanical ventilation affect long-term cognition.
A study of the effects of brain training and physical exercise on recovery after major surgery.
An International study of the risk factors and epidemiology of delirium and coma in COVID-19 patients while admitted to the ICU
An ongoing investigational cohort study of delirium and catatonia in critically ill patients.
An ongoing comprehensive long-term cognitive impairment study after traumatic injury and critical illness.
A national study of the effect of COVID-related isolation policies on patients, families, and healthcare providers in the ICU
A multicenter study of the role of a new drug for ICU delirium in COVID-19 patients
An ongoing randomized controlled trial to determine the best sedative medication to reduce delirium and improve survival and long-term brain function in ventilated septic patients.
After 40 years of using antipsychotics to treat delirium in millions of ICU patients, the MIND-USA finally provides a placebo-controlled treatment trial to answer the question: Do these medications reduce delirium and improve other clinical outcomes better than sugar water in ICU patients?
A randomized controlled trial to determine the best sedative medication to reduce delirium and improve functional and behavioral recovery in pediatric patients.
An ongoing observational study of the association between activity and physical and cognitive function in ICU survivors.
A national study (sponsored by NIH-NIA) to understand long-term cognitive function, PTSD, and depression in COVID-19 survivors
An ongoing randomized controlled trial to evaluate the effect of specialist palliative care on quality of life for patients undergoing major abdominal operations for cancer.

Delirium in the Intensive Care Unit

What You And Your Family Need To Know

Critical illness can be a stressful time for patients and their families/friends. Being in the ICU comes with lots of unfamiliar words and uncertain situations which can be very overwhelming. The CIBS center is dedicated to providing you with resources to help navigate both your time in the ICU and the time following hospital discharge.

To help with this we have created an entire portion of this website just for you – patients and families. This part of our website is dedicated to providing you with information using easy to follow articles and videos. It includes sections on common problems patients face such as delirium, cognitive impairment and post-traumatic stress disorder. It also includes articles to help equip you with questions you can ask to better engage in your ICU care and what to expect at different parts of the critical illness journey. Lastly, it is packed with stories from patients and family members.

for Patients and Families