Bennett Landman, PhD

Co-Lead, Imaging Core

Biography coming soon

My primary area of scientific focus is medical image processing and large scale data analysis. While my academic home is in electrical engineering, my training is in biomedical engineering and 3-D radiological image analysis. I seek to connect the image processing methods with both the medical physics underpinning of the data and their clinical applications. I currently direct the Vanderbilt University Institute of Image Science’s (VUIIS) Center for Computational Imaging (VUIIS-CCI) and the VUMC ImageVU Initiative. My VUIIS team has constructed a university wide medical image processing system that links closely with the university’s high performance computing center for automated processing of structural, functional, and diffusion MRI data (including tensor and high angular resolution diffusion imaging). ImageVU has captured over a half billion images and is providing data, computation, and processing infrastructure to investigators across VU and VUMC who are driving discoveries with big data. My lab, the MASI lab, works to optimize, evaluate, and standardize acquisition and analysis of imaging, especially diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) and seeks to define community standards for multi-site DTI protocols. My overarching goal is to combine image-processing technologies and electronic health data to improve understanding of individual anatomy and personalized medicine.