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ABCDEFs of Prevention and Safety

ABCDEF is a standard bundle of ICU measures that includes spontaneous Assess for and manage pain, Both Spontaneous Awakening Trials (SAT) & Spontaneous Breathing Trials (SBT), attention to the Choice of sedation and analgesia, Delirium monitoring and management, Early mobility, and Family engagement. All individual components of this bundle are evidence based and can help standardize communication, improve interdisciplinary patient care, reduce mortality, and improve long-term cognitive and functional outcomes. This bundle helps to keep patients and families as the center and focus of care.

Patients and Aging Brain Problems:
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what is Delirium?

Delirium is basically inattention and confusion that represents the brain temporarily failing. A person who is delirious is unable to think clearly and can’t make sense of what is going on around him.

Delirium increases the risk of longer stays in the hospital, higher cost of care, death, and more long-term cognitive impairment up to one year later.

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More Information on Delirium Assessment

For resources and education materials for delirium assessment, including the CAM-ICU, the bCAM, and the pCAM-ICU, visit the Delirium Monitoring page. For a complete list of all the materials available for download visit our comprehensive resources page.