Trishla Gandhi, BS

Clinical/Translational Research Coordinator

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Trishla serves as a Research Coordinator from the CIBS Center Long Term Outcomes Core, where she engages with patients and assesses their cognitive and emotional wellbeing after staying in the ICU. Prior to working with the CIBS center, she had 5 years of research experience working at various labs in Purdue University and VUMC. Trishla graduated from Purdue University from a research-focused honors program with a degree in Brain and Behavioral Sciences and a minor in Biology. Her culminating honor's thesis was about the consequences of smartphone presence or absence on working memory, attention, and fluid intelligence. In her free time, Trishla also serves as an academic tutor for students all over the world. Trishla is an aspiring physician and hopes that through this role, she will be able to learn from her patient's experiences and be able to apply this knowledge in her future career.