Justin Banerdt

MD/MPH Student

Coming soon

Justin Banerdt is currently an MD/MPH student at Vanderbilt and hopes to pursue an academic career in global critical care. He recently spent a year conducting research in Zambia as a Vanderbilt-Emory-Cornell-Duke Fogarty Global Health Fellow and VanderbiltMedical Scholar. In collaboration with colleagues in Zambia, he conducted one of the first large-scale studies of delirium among hospitalized patients in a low or middle income country. Justin is interested in better characterizing the global burden of critical illness and brain dysfunction, with the ultimate goal of developing evidenced-based strategies to improve survivorship of critical illness in resource-restricted settings worldwide. Justin is excited to join the CIBS Center and is looking forward to collaborating with colleagues from low and middle income countries to better understand and prevent the devastating consequences of critical illness for the poorest and sickest of patients globally.